Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Usenext offers a GREAT service

Just a quickie regarding the Usenext usenet service which gets allot of slagging off from those who know nothing about it and assume the worst in everything!

Usenext is based in Germany and has several servers across the globe which the user's connection runs through while accessing content on the Usenet.

The service costs peanuts. I use the 15gb p/month for 10 Euro's but they do offer 30 & 75gb p/month at a higher cost.

Link to the website is https://www.usenext.de/ where you'll find all the information you will need to sign up for a FREE trial which lasts 14 days, where you get 3gb download volume FREE.

The problem is that if you use a credit card to sign up with, it can get automatically charged straight after this trial .. even if you dont like it and many report that when they pay via this method that they dont get a chance to cancel their membership or change it accordingly so therefore I advise you pay via PAYPAL ... its the best and most secure method as no payment will go through unless YOU SAY SO and thats a fact as I get mailed each month by paypal to either allow or cancel the request, so choose that method.

I think this is where much of the bad vibe regarding Usenext has arisen from but simple common sense will get around this instead many tend to be ignorant and start opening their mouths ... as they say ''The degree of one's emotion varies inversely with one's knowledge of the facts - the less you know, the hotter you get''.

The benefits to using Usenext which is on accessing the Usenet system is that its much FASTER than other methods such as BitTorrent and Limewire, Bearshare etc etc as your downloading from the source server and not another peer like in those applications which is very INSECURE and who wants to download straight from someone you know nothing about in this age of technology anyways? plus many of those p2p systems are illegal and offer links to pirated material whereas Usenext is accessing Usenet which has a large network of groups in many categories and you can talk within those groups with privacy via Usenext unlike the torrent sites which are full of trojans, worms and other crap. They may be free but thats the price you pay, a risk of being infected and/or hacked.

Why else do you think tons of black/block-lists are all over cyberspace from groups who use such services? to protect themselves and others from the insecure software they are using. Keep WELL AWAY from them and dont listen to their poison about UseNext or indeed Usenet as a whole because its been around before the internet was born.

Your maximum download speed will hardly ever be realised via those applications as your relying on the other peers to also have decent speeds. With usenet and in this case Usenext, that is never the case and your download speeds are MUCH faster than they ever were with the other applications and you can easily get to your maximum download speed very frequently.

Many reguler users to usenet which is the service that usenext is providing, access to the usenet database and more on usenet can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet report that they think usenext is too easy and you dont get much bang for your buck, so to speak! However they are regulars to usenet which isnt easy when your new to it, I dont care what they say as I have tried it with various other clients.

If your a newbie to Usenet than UseNext is a very good starting point as it has everything to get you started. Just remember to pay via monthly paypal and you'll be fine and if you get tired of it than you can easily cancel and use your own software for Usenet which are available around cyberspace such as Usenet hosts, Usenet search engines, Usenet downloaders etc.

The advanced users often buy bandwidth, search engine access and a client to do their downloading with. Its often much cheaper than what usenext offers, but why mess about with all this when usenext has it all in one for a few euro's more? If you like to play with settings and download LOTS and LOTS than yeah, it might be worth it but for the average person I dont think it is and like In said prvious its GREAT for Usenet novice's.

Usenext makes it simple. Search engine, servers, forums, many groups to choose from and add to and the client unpacks many of your files that need unpacking or converting on the fly such as when you download a .rar file and its full or .r files titled from say 01 to 99 and you aint a clue what to do with those ... the built in Download wizard will on the fly unpack and convert those into whatever they are supposed to be.

Usenext uses port 119 but has the option to use port 443 should the ISP decide to limit speeds on it. To see more on ports click http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/tutorial38.html and visit http://www.dshield.org for a search of port numbers and what they mean.

UseNext now uses port 553 and 53 with the addition of the SSL connection.

In summary I cant call Usenext. The service they offer is very good value for money and I think they get allot of bad press, mainly over the charges to credit cards which makes people assume they are scammers ... they are not, they offer a FAST and RELIABLE service!

The only bad point is that they dont roll-over unused volumes into the next month like many other providers, so what you dont use you will loose but I think they will alter this in the future.

UPDATE: UseNext now uses SSL [Secure socket layer] connections for the ultimate in secure downloading and the price is still the same!

UPDATE: UseNext is now offering more download volume for the same price. The cheapest plan was 15gb's per month for approx 10 Euro's. This has changed to 25gb's per month still at approx 10 Euro's and your getting the SSL protection aswell!

The speed hasnt slowed down either. UseNext continues to offer a superior all in one legal usenet access package.

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Jayoul said...

I've found another review for Usenext http://www.usenetshack.com/usenext-scam-review-usenet-provider/
which calls it out as a SCAM and that everyone should stay well clear.

What they say seems to be correct from reading on the forums Usenext runs as several customers have complained about Credit card charges being made without them consenting to it and money being withdrawn etc but if you pay via PayPal you do not have these issues as the receiver, in this case UseNext, cannot have fees sent to them auto like with a CC system unless you say YES to it, which is a brilliant feature to PayPal.

With the Credit cards the buyer has allowed the card to be charged eachmonth by Usenext, says this in the small print under terms & conditions and users have 14 days to cancel the membership from the way it reads to me aswell, before the next payment is due.

Allot of anger has arisen from the trial period Usenext advertises, when one can try the service free for 14 days and cancel if they wish at no cost.

What has been happening with many is that they have been charged and keep getting charged eachmonth for the service if they want it or not. I think this is a system problem with Usenext on how they take manage payments rather than malicious intent but its not sorted out yet from what I can gather.

Again its all down to the terms and condtions which state you have 14 days to try the service and if your not happy you must cancel it within that time and your CC wont be charged.

I think people are useing the 14 days and if they like it or dont, than forget to cancel as they think it will not run any further as they were on a trial but if they read the conditions they accpeted, its okay albeit not good buisness practice and not the way to get people on your side.

My advice is to ALWAYS pay with PayPal as it will never allow anyone to auto keep getting payments from you untill you say yes to the payment, so no problems with things that many are reading about.

I have not had any problems touch wood with the service apart from connection issues a few weeks back but that was a problem on my end due to Microsoft Framework updateing itself which seems to cause a fault in which the software connects to the servers .. I sorted that problem out myself by reading error logs.

The support team at Usenext were very good though and responded back promptly to all my emails and suggested it was at my end but more to do with the ports beng blocked via the firewalls .. in a way they were right about the blockage as the software updates with MS Framework were denying access via those ports to the servers.

If Usenext could sort its payment system out in how it deals with Credit cards it would be a winner for sure. In my opinion it should scrap CC payments and stick to PayPal so cover its own arse and also because its much more safer for the custmoer.

Until they do this than many will keep viewing it as a scam, which is a damn shame because the service is TOP NOTCH for me.