Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Vince KNEW his stuff!!!

I already knew the late Vince Gironda was the real deal but when you start to see for yourself the results he said WOULD happen if you did it 'His way' than it makes you really think what a clever guy he really was.

I used to do the standard bench press and was unhappy with the results as I wasnt getting quite the mass or shape to the edges around the outside of the pectorals [The portion near the armpit - see Arnie for his wide chest] so I was reading that Vince's wide gripped neck press done on a flat bench would do just that and seeing pictures of Vince I thought it must be good.

Its only recently that I have achived my best thus far and when you look back on what you've achived and were like it finally hit me how well it worked.

My chest width is good and makes my pectorals look different to many guys who have large or even larger pecs because its all just clumped and droopy with many, no real mass or shape around the edges near the armpit which makes the chest wider and more attractive.

Vince was spot on with his advice.

Secondly regarding the Serratus Magnus muscle which is also known as the 'Boxer's muscle' and located around the ribcage, is like a sabre tooth shape and gives extra appeal to the chest and although its a tiny muscle does look cool.

I never went out to work this muscle but worked it by accident with the exercise that Vince says WILL work it and bring it out ... the wide gripped dips Vince ravved about. I didnt do them on a 'V' shaped dip bar [He would not be happy] but a standard dip BUT I adhered to his strict instructions and I noticed that this little muscle on each side of the rib cage was showing through and looked rather nice .. it turned out to be the Serrratus Magnus.

Because I did allot of peak contraction holds in the top position of the movement it seemed to develop more and this was also what Vince said would be the best portion of the lift to do for this muscle .... Vince was right again ... I couldnt and cant help being in amazement at him.

Lastly the method he used to do lateral side raises to work the lateral [side] head of the deltoid [shoulder] built me more width in the shoulder's than the standard method.

Vince advised that the arms be slightly bent and not straight at the elbow. They should be pointing in a 10:10 O'clock direction at full contraction [When in line with the ears] and the back of the dumbbell on each hand to be higher than the front.

This is much different than the standard which I was doing. I can tell you that Vince's method works TONS better and you can feel the side lateral being worked like never before, so again he did it.

The guy was a wizard of fitness and way ahead of his time. Lets not let his methods and secrets fade away but keep using them and passing them on for many generations to come.

Because of the great success with Vince's methods I will be imploying his methods to work the lateral head of the triceps to bring it out more alongwith his teachings to work the pectoral for more shape and inner development. Lastly my bicep work done on the preacher stand will be done with my chest 3 inches above the top of the stand with me leaning into it when I lift. Vince said that the conventional way of doing this which has the stand covering the chest, and tends to also build the brachialis anticus which is a muscle under the lower bicep and can be found between and around the elbow joint and bottom portion of the bicep. If you see this portion slightly getting bigger than you'll notice the muscle better.

It takes away the shape of the bicep, so I will be using Vince's method on Bicep training to bring out the high bicep and coracobrachialis muscles which will result in a higher peak to the muscle.

Thank you Vince Gironda

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